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    IoT Waterloo Team


    Ian Pilon

    Founder - IoT Brand Ambassador

    A strategic relationship builder. Started running IoT Waterloo events in 2014 and have grown the community to over 1,800+ members.


    Katerina Hyzyk

    Marketing and Events Manager

    Provides marketing and event strategy and support for the Internet of Things Waterloo meet-ups, events, and conferences.


    Anita Van Dincten

    Finance Manager

    Oversee, integrate, control and evaluate the operation of all accounting functions within the IoT Waterloo business.



    Co-op / Volunteer

    Are you looking to get connected to the Toronto-Waterloo IoT tech scene? Contact Us today and let us know what your skills are?

    Our Services

    Public Relations

    Looking to create brand exposer with the IoT tech scene in Waterloo?

    • Cut through the noise
    • A new audience for your brand communication
    • Create new B2B partnerships
    • New social media coverage

    Brand Development

    Looking to try something different? We'll help you create a unique brand experience.

    • Gain IoT Thought Leadership
    • Develop trust for Recruitment
    • Build impressions with 1,800+ members
    • Connect with future customers and partners

    Research and Development

    We offer consulting services to startups and companies needing IoT R&D.

    • IoT Product design & Strategy
    • Consulting
    • Research
    • Prototyping

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